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shoes Jeffrey Campbell 99 tie glitter pewter

Hey there! So pretty much I just graduated with my bachelors of science in FASHION MARKETING. Ah yes the four adventures years of my life are now wrapped up in this diploma. Kitsch no? Well aside from the overwhelming amount of “What are your plans for after?” I did in fact enjoy the day. I started off the day waking up a bit late due to putting stones on my big ass Hello Kitty bow at 3 am. Because I was so tired my friend hot glued the bow on my cap for me. For some reason I didn’t notice that it was glued on the wrong side… haha. I got over it. Later I was happy because I decided to wear my shiny JC shoes and did get many compliments! 

I forgot to mention…I dyed my hair to dark purple but now it looks navy blue. Can you tell? 

Following the ceremony we headed out to LA MARKET in the JW Marriott for lunch. Man, that food was amazing and the staff is incredibly sweet. 



At the moment my plans are to find a flexible job that will allow me to TRAVEL!!! Along with some Japanese language classes. But for now I will work on my projects that have been on hold for a while. 

See you soon,


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