Well my lovely folks, here is a recap of what went down at this weeks LAZR tradeshow. For those of you who do not know what a tradeshow is or have not attend one, it is an organized exhibition of many vendors of brands showcasing their new collections for retail buyers to purchase for a store. It goes much more in depth but that is it’s basic purpose. Usually buyers are the main attendees but for the past few years media such as press and trend forecasters have been populating these events.

Luckily Two Point Oh LA, the blog association I am part of was invited to check out what was going to be in for Spring 2013. At the end of the day I got the chance to shoot Melissa and Marla with some cool items courtesy of the Los Angeles Fashion Council.

Attending these tradeshows are always fun for me because I get the insider on what brands are producing and sometimes what buyers put in their store.

Some of my favorite booths had to be Tommy Hilfiger, TUK Footwear, and Matiko.

Here are some visuals so open up your eye balls.

Tommy Hilfiger Tassel Heels for Fall 

I need those plaid ones 😉

Shoes from TUK I love them so!

Irregular Choice came out from New York City. Too bad they only had sample sizes. I’m a size 9 1/2

Melissa From The Key To Chic wearing ISM MODE

Marla Modeling Bijou Van Ness Headpieces 


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