MAGIC- Discovering United Future Fashion Technology

I seriously love attending MAGIC in Las Vegas. It is one of the biggest trade shows in the country that brings all the fashion professionals to a world wide exhibit. Luckily enough I was able to be a part of their social media team (Woop Woop.)

My favorite thing to do at the show is to go around booths and talk to designers and marketing directors of the brand because I get a chance to have a better inside scoop of who and what they are about. Along with new peeks of their upcoming collections, like I mentioned on my last trade show post.

At FN PLATFORM was one of my favorite vendors who was showing their interactive digital storefront. United Future caught my eye because of their tech approach ( I thought they were selling shoes at first). Their story was to approach retail sales and combine it with online sales. Therefore if that cute Zara dress isn’t available in your size at the store, you can walk over to the storefront,order it online and shipped to your casa the next day . Nice right?! I dig it.

Pick a look

Choose your size, color, or style. Then buy!

Stay tuned for more discoveries.


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