Local Discoveries: Glendale Tap


BEEEEEEER! As a Los Angeles native, I can admit that I don’t know were all the cool bars, simply because I stick to one venue  that I’m comfortable. However it’s exciting when theres an opportunity to try new bars in the Glendale area. You see…I work in Glendale so I mostly familiar with The Americana and Glendale Galleria.

So lets cut to the chase! The Glendale Tap bar is my recent discovery thanks to the lovely folks at Hello Glendale. Located in a street corner off San Fernando Road I entered the dim lit dive bar that had such a laid back vibe with two pool tables FREE for drinkers to enjoy. Whoop whoop!

The night I went was extra special because it was Card Night.  I had no idea how this drinking operation was suppose to go down but our lovely bartender Steve held my hand and walked us through game. First I was to select a card out of the bartenders deck, show him the card, then Steve would pour a sample of the beer you got. There are 52 beers on tap so who knows what you could’ve picked! Now, Steve was clever because he would let you taste the beer first and then would explain to you the type of beer and the history of it.

I was just amazed that he knew extensively about all 52 beers. I ended up pulling a 4 of cloves out of the deck which got me a delicious coffee beer ( I can’t remember the name LOL). Overall I had a great time at the bar because of their extensive beer list. My other favorites were Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale and Crispin Cider. I sure love me some girly beers!

I definitely recommend Glendale Tap for locals and any other folks around the Los Feliz, Atwater and Eagle Rock area. It’s so close and their happy hour is awesome!  If you get hungry, please try the empanadas! My favorite was the spinach 🙂




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