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We are Responsible for Being Single

There is nothing more lame than the striking feeling of loneliness when you are surround by couples at restaurants or at Disneyland. Sure most people give zero fucks, but some of us are very aware of our surroundings. We can’t help it. And as I read through dating advice on Elite Daily, I feel like we ARE responsible for being single. However, it is total bullshit for people to think that the reason we are single is due to the notion of fairy tale love and have come to terms with the saying ‘ True love comes to those who wait,’ but it is not.

Seriously, for myself and many other of my friends who are single, we are aware of what we want in a relationship and in a person. Our previous experiences have shaped those expectations, yet they remain highly realistic in the sense that if I am willing to invest in you, then I would expect the same in return. No one wants to waste their time either, which should explain why people would rather hook-up than to jump into a relationship via Ok Cupid.

There is someone I know who is constantly dating and looking for the ‘right’ person to begin a relationship. Lets’s call this person John. He is an older guy and isn’t bad looking at all, with a great income and education. After having talked to him about dating, he concluded that he is not just looking for some large-busted blonde to wife-up. It is beyond looks and comes down to intelligence and chemistry. At first I didn’t realize how hard it was to find someone with those traits. But damn, it is like the Starks who are trying to save Sansa from the House of Lannisters. Nearly impossible, but there is hope! John can be considered a picky man, but he is just looking for someone who can hold a conversation and isn’t such a floozie. Can you believe he went out with a girl my age (23) and she didn’t know what was 3% of a 100. Her answer was 7 *hand to head*.

To say being single is the worst thing ever has clearly not been single for long enough. I personally have not had a boyfriend for more than a year now but I have dated. Dating is fun and you end up meeting some weird people along the way, but at least you have some stories to tell your friends. And believe it or not, us ‘singles’ are ready and taking chances to meet a great person (notice I don’t say perfect okay!).