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Mega Cute Alert! Tattoo Art by Lauren Winzer




Lauren Winzer is an Australian babe who draws inspiration from Japanese anime characters such as Sailor Moon and all your favorite disney characters. Her style is brightly colored with beautiful detail and often incorporates her multi-colored geometric crystals. She is a true master of her work.


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photos via Lauren Winzer 


Frankenweenie: Brought Back to Life

From my constant attendance at the Disney Parks, I am always on the hunt for something new and exciting.

Brought back to life was Frankenweenie by Tim Burton. Originally a short released in 1984, it was turned into a live action film all in black and white. The park currently has an exclusive exhibition to all ticket holders that allows you to take a look at how the film was created. Presented amazingly, the exhibit takes you through the iconic sets of the film such as Mr. Rzykruski classroom who looks remarkably like Vincent Price (clearly). One detail I appreciated was the most perfect lighting for photos. Just look at it!

I am super excited to see this film debut October 5th and I am sure my fellow Tim Burton fans are as equally ecstatic.

New in My Closet: Minnie Mouse Couture x Vans Japan Exclusive

Those shoes are what? Cuuuute! Last fall I got order these lovely Minnie Couture Vans and now they have finally arrived. Lately I have been a fan of furry shoes and this pair was one I had to own. Once I saw the box it came in, I was pretty impressed with the see-through panel that showed the cute Minnie charm that came along with the shoes. After swooning over the little Minnie, I scooped out the quality of the shoe itself. The brown faux furry fabric seems durable  and won’t shed. The inside is also lined with a light  faux fur that feels mega comfy on my toes. My rating for these shoes is a non-biased 10 because of quality and unique color choice because I am  really attracted in seeing how other artist interpret Disney characters. However I don’t know if I’ll wear these babies out, they are too sweet to get ruined!