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11 Badass Outfits That Mademoiselle Yulia Rocked

Aside from being a major fan of her clothing and accessory line GIZAMademoiselle Yulia sports some sick style. You can find her stopped for a street style shots at any event she attends and is one of the most influential Japanese Pop figures in Japan. She made her way to the West Coast not too long ago with the help of Los Angeles based brand, JOYRICH and has been a non-stop force ever since.


Take a look at some of my favorite outfits Mademoiselle has caught our eyes.













Rick Baker Conjures MAC’s Makeup Ghouls



Rick Baker, Steampunk Frankenstein

It’s Christmas in October! Well it was  for me a few nights ago because I was given the chance to attend Rick Baker’s Halloween party. The best part of it all….IT WAS IN HIS STUDIO. Yes, I geeked out majorly because Mr. Baker has been featured in credits for legendary productions such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller, and  How The Grinch Stole Christmas, just to name a few for his work in special effects makeup.

The ghoulish party was an event to celebrate Rick’s recent collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, who’ve released a collection based on three monster looks. Can you guess the three creepy creatures?


Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

When one is invited to a Halloween bash hosted by an epic monster maker, you can expect some of the most amazing costumes. This statement was fulfilled to its capacity. In attendance, there was the delightful Kelly Osbourne as the lilac hair -colored comedy queen Dame Edna along with Andy Garcia who was in full Dia De Los Muertos costume. However the crowd favorite had to be internet famous, Grumpy Cat who was caught several times on the dance floor getting his boogie on.


Kelly Osbourne , Dame Edna


Grumpy Cat says NOPE! 

As for myself, this has had to be one of the best parties I have attended during Halloween! The event had a bunch of creative makeup artist together, an awesome DJ who played all the right tunes from films like ‘Ghostbusters’, and a tour of Rick Baker’s studio that was such a kind gesture of him. It was a complete honor to have been invited and I can’t wait to create my own monster look with MAC goodies I received at the end of the night!  Check out more images from the party below!


GMCFINCH Pair of Clowns




Admiring Male Beauty: Clement Chabernaud

FilippaK-SS13-02-630x419 FilippaK-SS13-04-630x419 FilippaK-SS13-09-630x419

Can’t help but to stop what you are doing on the internet and take a moment to admire a beautifully structured face with an angular chin and defining cheek bones. This Frenchie male model goes by the name of CLÉMENT CHABERNAUD from the wonderful city of Paris. He’s been through several runways and many campaigns such as this recent Filippa K. But I am pretty sure these black and white photographs has a lot to do with why I fell in love with his male beauty.


Welcome to LA Wild Style via Joyrich

Mademoiselle Yulia the Jack of All Trades 

If you can’t get enough of the bright shocking and pop culture styles of Joyrich  then you should make your way across the street to Wild Style,  located at  7703 Melrose Ave. The opening of the consisted of a massive amount of loyal Joyrich fans including your celebrity guests such as Chris Brown, Japanese singer AI, and designer Onch checking out the stores merchandise.  My “highlight of the night” moment was meeting the designer, singer, and dj herself Mademoiselle Yulia who influenced me to dye my hair earlier this year. And WOW her style is terribly too cool. Not only did she dj her set during the party but she also performed her single “Gimmie Gimmie” that left the crowd wanting more.

The question now is why would Joyrich open up another store? Well Wild Style is there to serve up striking clothing with a mash of high-end designer such as Vivienne Westwoood and Gerlan Jeans to name a few. Since Joyrich only carries their in-house brands, Wild Style is meant for those who love all things related such as more Jeremy Scott.

I definitely loved and enjoyed the night! Thank you and much love to the Joyrich and Wild Style team.

Neon Signs and TV Screens

Giant Pillows!

This burger will be mine soon

Woven Creepers now available

Martine Rose Jacket

She is my idol, Mademoiselle Yulia and I

Met Chrissa Villanueva and her adorable little green men phone case! (Later realized she’s the host for Mnet)

Her outfit is a Joyrich x GIZA collaboration that will be out soon. Zodiac Gold anyone?

Boss Lady during her performance

Two of the funniest guys I have met

Video of the Day- LADY Vouge Italia

“But there are three things I love most. Love, love, and love.”

The little things in life that make a woman happy. In her sophisticated little black dress, a fruitful diamond necklace and a fierce cat eye. What is not to love if you are in a press conference with handsome reporters.

Director Luca Finotti always composes remarkable campaigns and has also worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and The Blonds. Plus you can catch during New York Fashion week.

Photo Clunk MAGIC Las Vegas

In the midst of the MAGIC madness I got the chance to roam around and hang out with cool kids like the GIOGO girls. The five days I spent working with Advandstar was such an amazing positive learning experience and I was pretty glad to be a part of that team.

Now I finally get to share what I saw and what I was doing. Here’s the proof.

 Wendy’s Color Coordinating Accessories

My Dream Car…One day ❤

Ben Sherman Booth at Project. I seriously love this set up. Its a great visual for styling. 

 Project had their own bloggers. Hello High Snobiety.

See that short hair blondie sitting over there? Thats Yardley Smith. Lisa Simpson talking about her show line Marchez Vous.

I grew up watching Ninja Turtles! Good to know its making a come back at the Flud booth

David Tutera of My Fair Wedding.

Kidrobot Dunny Battle.

What the hell IronFist? Where did you get all these Lamb Chop sock puppets? Very jealous indeed.  

Erica from Sweets and Hearts taking a break at the Foot Petals booth

 J.Pierce and a few bloggers. He’s a cool guy from Chi town bringing his art steez to Las Vegas. 

MAGIC- Discovering United Future Fashion Technology

I seriously love attending MAGIC in Las Vegas. It is one of the biggest trade shows in the country that brings all the fashion professionals to a world wide exhibit. Luckily enough I was able to be a part of their social media team (Woop Woop.)

My favorite thing to do at the show is to go around booths and talk to designers and marketing directors of the brand because I get a chance to have a better inside scoop of who and what they are about. Along with new peeks of their upcoming collections, like I mentioned on my last trade show post.

At FN PLATFORM was one of my favorite vendors who was showing their interactive digital storefront. United Future caught my eye because of their tech approach ( I thought they were selling shoes at first). Their story was to approach retail sales and combine it with online sales. Therefore if that cute Zara dress isn’t available in your size at the store, you can walk over to the storefront,order it online and shipped to your casa the next day . Nice right?! I dig it.

Pick a look

Choose your size, color, or style. Then buy!

Stay tuned for more discoveries.