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Rick Baker Conjures MAC’s Makeup Ghouls



Rick Baker, Steampunk Frankenstein

It’s Christmas in October! Well it was  for me a few nights ago because I was given the chance to attend Rick Baker’s Halloween party. The best part of it all….IT WAS IN HIS STUDIO. Yes, I geeked out majorly because Mr. Baker has been featured in credits for legendary productions such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller, and  How The Grinch Stole Christmas, just to name a few for his work in special effects makeup.

The ghoulish party was an event to celebrate Rick’s recent collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, who’ve released a collection based on three monster looks. Can you guess the three creepy creatures?


Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

When one is invited to a Halloween bash hosted by an epic monster maker, you can expect some of the most amazing costumes. This statement was fulfilled to its capacity. In attendance, there was the delightful Kelly Osbourne as the lilac hair -colored comedy queen Dame Edna along with Andy Garcia who was in full Dia De Los Muertos costume. However the crowd favorite had to be internet famous, Grumpy Cat who was caught several times on the dance floor getting his boogie on.


Kelly Osbourne , Dame Edna


Grumpy Cat says NOPE! 

As for myself, this has had to be one of the best parties I have attended during Halloween! The event had a bunch of creative makeup artist together, an awesome DJ who played all the right tunes from films like ‘Ghostbusters’, and a tour of Rick Baker’s studio that was such a kind gesture of him. It was a complete honor to have been invited and I can’t wait to create my own monster look with MAC goodies I received at the end of the night!  Check out more images from the party below!


GMCFINCH Pair of Clowns





Local Discoveries: Glendale Tap


BEEEEEEER! As a Los Angeles native, I can admit that I don’t know were all the cool bars, simply because I stick to one venue  that I’m comfortable. However it’s exciting when theres an opportunity to try new bars in the Glendale area. You see…I work in Glendale so I mostly familiar with The Americana and Glendale Galleria.

So lets cut to the chase! The Glendale Tap bar is my recent discovery thanks to the lovely folks at Hello Glendale. Located in a street corner off San Fernando Road I entered the dim lit dive bar that had such a laid back vibe with two pool tables FREE for drinkers to enjoy. Whoop whoop!

The night I went was extra special because it was Card Night.  I had no idea how this drinking operation was suppose to go down but our lovely bartender Steve held my hand and walked us through game. First I was to select a card out of the bartenders deck, show him the card, then Steve would pour a sample of the beer you got. There are 52 beers on tap so who knows what you could’ve picked! Now, Steve was clever because he would let you taste the beer first and then would explain to you the type of beer and the history of it.

I was just amazed that he knew extensively about all 52 beers. I ended up pulling a 4 of cloves out of the deck which got me a delicious coffee beer ( I can’t remember the name LOL). Overall I had a great time at the bar because of their extensive beer list. My other favorites were Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale and Crispin Cider. I sure love me some girly beers!

I definitely recommend Glendale Tap for locals and any other folks around the Los Feliz, Atwater and Eagle Rock area. It’s so close and their happy hour is awesome!  If you get hungry, please try the empanadas! My favorite was the spinach 🙂




App That Changed My Social Media Life ‘PHOSTER’


You know that feeling that you get when you discover something so amazing you heart begins to race and you palms get sweaty? Well this might sound ultra nerdy but I get that feeling and I am majorly in love with this app called Phoster.

Developed by Bucketlabs, this app is most useful to me because I can cheat my way out of Illustrator or Photoshop. HA! I dont need to stress too much about typography either, so its a very relieving for something like this to be so easy!

Check it out and download it for $1.99 on iTunes

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 11.29.00 PM

Here are a few I have made






Admiring Male Beauty: Clement Chabernaud

FilippaK-SS13-02-630x419 FilippaK-SS13-04-630x419 FilippaK-SS13-09-630x419

Can’t help but to stop what you are doing on the internet and take a moment to admire a beautifully structured face with an angular chin and defining cheek bones. This Frenchie male model goes by the name of CLÉMENT CHABERNAUD from the wonderful city of Paris. He’s been through several runways and many campaigns such as this recent Filippa K. But I am pretty sure these black and white photographs has a lot to do with why I fell in love with his male beauty.


Track I’m Diggin: Toro y Moi ‘So Many Details’

Toro y Moi tracks are and handful of crafty beats with clever lyrics that fills the noggin’ with verbal satisfaction.

Not only does he sport an adorable preppy steez by rocking turtle necks, slippers, with some man-kles (man ankles), but he sounds like such a classy pimp! Listen to his songs and watch this video.

This ain’t appropriate, now
Push my hand off your side
There’s no one else around
I just wanna tease your eyes
Maybe we can check these locks
I just wanna go inside
Why is it so dead on a Friday night
I guess the morning’s here if you wake by five

You send my life, into somewhere 

I can’t describe, so many details


Photo Clunk MAGIC Las Vegas

In the midst of the MAGIC madness I got the chance to roam around and hang out with cool kids like the GIOGO girls. The five days I spent working with Advandstar was such an amazing positive learning experience and I was pretty glad to be a part of that team.

Now I finally get to share what I saw and what I was doing. Here’s the proof.

 Wendy’s Color Coordinating Accessories

My Dream Car…One day ❤

Ben Sherman Booth at Project. I seriously love this set up. Its a great visual for styling. 

 Project had their own bloggers. Hello High Snobiety.

See that short hair blondie sitting over there? Thats Yardley Smith. Lisa Simpson talking about her show line Marchez Vous.

I grew up watching Ninja Turtles! Good to know its making a come back at the Flud booth

David Tutera of My Fair Wedding.

Kidrobot Dunny Battle.

What the hell IronFist? Where did you get all these Lamb Chop sock puppets? Very jealous indeed.  

Erica from Sweets and Hearts taking a break at the Foot Petals booth

 J.Pierce and a few bloggers. He’s a cool guy from Chi town bringing his art steez to Las Vegas. 


Well my lovely folks, here is a recap of what went down at this weeks LAZR tradeshow. For those of you who do not know what a tradeshow is or have not attend one, it is an organized exhibition of many vendors of brands showcasing their new collections for retail buyers to purchase for a store. It goes much more in depth but that is it’s basic purpose. Usually buyers are the main attendees but for the past few years media such as press and trend forecasters have been populating these events.

Luckily Two Point Oh LA, the blog association I am part of was invited to check out what was going to be in for Spring 2013. At the end of the day I got the chance to shoot Melissa and Marla with some cool items courtesy of the Los Angeles Fashion Council.

Attending these tradeshows are always fun for me because I get the insider on what brands are producing and sometimes what buyers put in their store.

Some of my favorite booths had to be Tommy Hilfiger, TUK Footwear, and Matiko.

Here are some visuals so open up your eye balls.

Tommy Hilfiger Tassel Heels for Fall 

I need those plaid ones 😉

Shoes from TUK I love them so!

Irregular Choice came out from New York City. Too bad they only had sample sizes. I’m a size 9 1/2

Melissa From The Key To Chic wearing ISM MODE

Marla Modeling Bijou Van Ness Headpieces