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Camera Filters + iPhone

Hi my name is Gina and I am addicted to instagram. Since December 2010, I have become more of an instagram user  due to how quickly I can upload a picture, add some character, and then feed it to my facebook and twitter. My personal favorite element about this iPhone app is that I get to see what others around the world are eating, wearing and more.

They have over 5 million users and celebrities like Justin Biebs and Lea Michelle but it does not end there. For the past year I have seen many in the fashion industry join instagram like Marc Jacobs International, Teen Vouge, Kate Spade and Melissa Shoes. As an avid instagram user, I think its highly beneficial for companies and designers to have an account because it allows your fans to access personal photos that magazines or online articles might not publish.

During fashion week teen vogue and the bagsnob were constantly posting photos of all the shows they attended giving their followers a live feed of what was seen backstage or on the runway. I wonder can fashion communication get any faster? Back then (like 2007) we would have to wait for it to be seen online and on the magazines but now we have it all at the palm of our hand. Lucky us ;]

Here is a link to my instagram feed if your interested on my daily snap shots.