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Photo Clunk MAGIC Las Vegas

In the midst of the MAGIC madness I got the chance to roam around and hang out with cool kids like the GIOGO girls. The five days I spent working with Advandstar was such an amazing positive learning experience and I was pretty glad to be a part of that team.

Now I finally get to share what I saw and what I was doing. Here’s the proof.

 Wendy’s Color Coordinating Accessories

My Dream Car…One day ❤

Ben Sherman Booth at Project. I seriously love this set up. Its a great visual for styling. 

 Project had their own bloggers. Hello High Snobiety.

See that short hair blondie sitting over there? Thats Yardley Smith. Lisa Simpson talking about her show line Marchez Vous.

I grew up watching Ninja Turtles! Good to know its making a come back at the Flud booth

David Tutera of My Fair Wedding.

Kidrobot Dunny Battle.

What the hell IronFist? Where did you get all these Lamb Chop sock puppets? Very jealous indeed.  

Erica from Sweets and Hearts taking a break at the Foot Petals booth

 J.Pierce and a few bloggers. He’s a cool guy from Chi town bringing his art steez to Las Vegas.