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Yearning for : THE Cardigan

A few weeks ago at the Beverly Center, I literally stalked this woman around H & M because I was dazzled by her tan with neon 3D dots cardigan that even made noise when she would move around. AMAZE. Usually associates in the store don’t allow photos taken in the store but that time it was an exception because she worked for H & M’s PR department. Sweet right? I loved her even more because her cardigan was for their spring collection that should be in stores this week! I just can’t wait to see this beauty in my closet!!


From the Closet: An Almost All Black Outfit

Though the days are sunny, certain nights of the week I am required to stay late on campus (night classes). Therefore I layer what I can handle.Posing with my signature smirk  I am wearing my favorite suede jacket I bought from Target along with a unique piece of jewelry I bought over the weekend at the Bloggers Flea Market. My necklace is indeed a gator foot by Vintage Grime with their jewelry line ICONOCLAST who makes all these elusive handmade jewelry pieces. Though it is something out of the ordinary, it is definitely a necklace that I admire.

WHAT I WORE: Jacket: Target   Top: Zara  Skirt: 2b by Bebe  Tights:Ross  Shoes: Hello Kitty Rebook  Acessories:Organic Jewelry & ICONOCLAST