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Welcome to LA Wild Style via Joyrich

Mademoiselle Yulia the Jack of All Trades 

If you can’t get enough of the bright shocking and pop culture styles of Joyrich  then you should make your way across the street to Wild Style,  located at  7703 Melrose Ave. The opening of the consisted of a massive amount of loyal Joyrich fans including your celebrity guests such as Chris Brown, Japanese singer AI, and designer Onch checking out the stores merchandise.  My “highlight of the night” moment was meeting the designer, singer, and dj herself Mademoiselle Yulia who influenced me to dye my hair earlier this year. And WOW her style is terribly too cool. Not only did she dj her set during the party but she also performed her single “Gimmie Gimmie” that left the crowd wanting more.

The question now is why would Joyrich open up another store? Well Wild Style is there to serve up striking clothing with a mash of high-end designer such as Vivienne Westwoood and Gerlan Jeans to name a few. Since Joyrich only carries their in-house brands, Wild Style is meant for those who love all things related such as more Jeremy Scott.

I definitely loved and enjoyed the night! Thank you and much love to the Joyrich and Wild Style team.

Neon Signs and TV Screens

Giant Pillows!

This burger will be mine soon

Woven Creepers now available

Martine Rose Jacket

She is my idol, Mademoiselle Yulia and I

Met Chrissa Villanueva and her adorable little green men phone case! (Later realized she’s the host for Mnet)

Her outfit is a Joyrich x GIZA collaboration that will be out soon. Zodiac Gold anyone?

Boss Lady during her performance

Two of the funniest guys I have met


LA Fashion Council : Odylyne

Clean, simple, and delicate as a butterfly. Odylyne presented their Spring 2013 collection at The Carondelet House in downtown LA. Hosted by the Los Angeles Fashion Council, I was very excited to be in a new venu  and see new designs. This was indeed the first time that LAFC produced their own show during Los Angeles Fashion Week and I think it’s safe to say that it went better than great. Guest in attendance were your local press Apparel News, Womens Wear Daily, and LA Weekly along with bloggers Oliva Lopez and Bethany Struble.

The lightness of each piece in the collection leaves me in complete admiration as if a modern fairy would have this in her wardrobe. I can even see it on a bohemian bride. Odylyne’s talent undoubtedly stunning and I am sure Los Angeles is looking forward to seeing more from the designer. Make up was done by Cinema Makeup. Gorgeous right?

MAGIC- Discovering United Future Fashion Technology

I seriously love attending MAGIC in Las Vegas. It is one of the biggest trade shows in the country that brings all the fashion professionals to a world wide exhibit. Luckily enough I was able to be a part of their social media team (Woop Woop.)

My favorite thing to do at the show is to go around booths and talk to designers and marketing directors of the brand because I get a chance to have a better inside scoop of who and what they are about. Along with new peeks of their upcoming collections, like I mentioned on my last trade show post.

At FN PLATFORM was one of my favorite vendors who was showing their interactive digital storefront. United Future caught my eye because of their tech approach ( I thought they were selling shoes at first). Their story was to approach retail sales and combine it with online sales. Therefore if that cute Zara dress isn’t available in your size at the store, you can walk over to the storefront,order it online and shipped to your casa the next day . Nice right?! I dig it.

Pick a look

Choose your size, color, or style. Then buy!

Stay tuned for more discoveries.

Collective Inspiration

There are too many characteristics about me that it is always difficult to pick one particular liking. Everyone has different actors to themselves believe it or not. It may seem scattered but I will try and categorize some my sub personalities and character traits that are currently inspired.

the adventure seeker

the child

the witness

the rebel


On a hot summer day male model Fernando Vega brought out a few of his threads to share. Don’t be jaded by the handsome face, this guy is currently enrolled as a business and economic major with a minor in law. Oh yea, and he is also an amazingly fast salsa dancer.  His style roots from his east coast home of Chicago mixed in with Los Angeles vintage. Clean cut and simple.