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Let’s Find Peace

Came across some awesome sketchbook art by Ricardo Gonzalez which feature some notable mantras to live by. Not only is this NYC native an amazing master of hand lettering, he is beyond creative. You can see his passion on paper.


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App That Changed My Social Media Life ‘PHOSTER’


You know that feeling that you get when you discover something so amazing you heart begins to race and you palms get sweaty? Well this might sound ultra nerdy but I get that feeling and I am majorly in love with this app called Phoster.

Developed by Bucketlabs, this app is most useful to me because I can cheat my way out of Illustrator or Photoshop. HA! I dont need to stress too much about typography either, so its a very relieving for something like this to be so easy!

Check it out and download it for $1.99 on iTunes

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 11.29.00 PM

Here are a few I have made