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Rosebowl Finds: Irons & Duck, The Workman Aesthetic


It was that time of the month again where folks of all shapes and interests attend the once -a- month Rosebowl Flea Market. During my short visit I got to meet up with the founder of Irons & Duck, a home and retail furniture designer who encompasses the vintage workman aesthetic. The industry rawness is hand manufactured in Los Angeles and have already reached retail stores overseas.

Also while strolling around , I ran into this cute prop director who was shopping around for 1950’s camping gear.






On a hot summer day male model Fernando Vega brought out a few of his threads to share. Don’t be jaded by the handsome face, this guy is currently enrolled as a business and economic major with a minor in law. Oh yea, and he is also an amazingly fast salsa dancer.  His style roots from his east coast home of Chicago mixed in with Los Angeles vintage. Clean cut and simple.